Who Is God?

Stupid question, right? We have an idea about God, in fact, it’s estimated that within Christianity alone, there are more than 38,000 versions and growing. Obviously we have something called free will, but it’s more than just an “on-off” switch. “Yes=God, no=death”.

 In fact, to all intents and purposes, whatever you choose as God, you will die anyway, unless there is someone who can prove s/he was born thousands of years ago and still walks the earth.

 Vampires, right? Suck on human blood and live forever.

 Lot of people believe in God(I believe in God myself), but there just seems to be no evidence. Look for God as the creator, you can’t re-trace the steps to creation. Why? because there is this thing called entropy, organization in one area tends to create chaos in related areas, so we have this “eraser” that just wipes out the system as it was first drawn up.

 You can’t trace the system backward because the system is composed of constant re-organization that wipes out necessary traces of what the old organization was.

 If there’s a God, it seems  he’s like the cowboy in the old Westerns who doesn’t want to be found, and he drags a big bush over his tracks wherever he walks.

 The next problem is, if we try to choose God and get others to believe as we do, then we start covering over the necessary tracks that might indicate where “God” might have walked, if he did. The more we organize according to our image of God, the more we destroy alternative choices that might indicate there ever was a God.

 Now, why can’t we presume that “God” is one who simulated this universe and programmed entropy into it, so that the past would not be accurately traceable. We can never reach that wall of beginning that says “do not unplug”.

On the other hand, why not assume that there is such a person who is doing exactly that? Actually creating the universe so that in order to find him/her/it/them, we’re going to actually have to use our own mind apart from the crowd and actually think?

 We have this new science emerging called nanotechnology. One of the big problems with nanotechnology is that, once we start creating these little sub-atomic machines that can re-build everything from the electron up, we have no way of making sure we can control the “off” switch.

 The problem is, once we assign a goal for the nanobots, they begin building enough of themselves to complete the project. But what if the program gets stuck in a feedback loop, and everything gets converted to nanobots, including you, me, and everything in the universe that can be assimilated in Borg-like fashion?

 This used to be referred to as the “gray goo” problem. The goo created as a base for the nanobots just keeps spreading and spreading, like the old horror film, “The Blob”.

 The problem seems in knowing how to turn the little buggers off.

 Biblically, there seems to be this same problem in the book of Genesis, chapter 11. We have these self aware tool-making beings called humans, and they now realize they are a little more than their environment, so the first thing they do is organize: “Let’s build a tower! If we get it high enough, we might find out about God!”

 Here’s the problem. Everyone gets started on this tower, and they start cutting down trees, and they begin fashioning tools to make it work faster, and pretty soon, they have to wander farther away, because they used up all the objects available.  They’ve pretty much ruined the surrounding environment.

 So, God comes down, and realizes he has pretty much the same problem faced by nanotechnology. The little buggers have started building, and they won’t stop!  God, he realizes that they’re about to contribute to their own destruction.

Genesis 11:6: “…Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do”.

No “on-off” switch.

 The “group mind” was running things. A goal was established, and everybody just fell in and started building a tower, assuming that somewhere it would be finished, but in the process of building, they were destroying the very environment they needed to survive, just like the nanobots might do!

 What was the solution? Re-program their language! If a few of them spoke certain languages, they were forced into specialist functions that made them break apart from the group. It also forced a kind of awakening, looking at the project and realizing they could be doing better things.

 If we view this in more modern terms, it tells us something very different from what we always assumed about God. We have assumed, and we have been told by those who are supposed to know, that God wants us to organize. God wants us to forget our differences and work together in peace, yet this very first article about human organization in the book of Genesis says exactly the opposite!

 Why do you suppose the “authorities” tell us to do this? As they say on TV, “Follow the money”!

 Back in 1951, Eric Hoffer published a book which has been the classic study of cults and mass movements. Hoffer demonstrated by several examples that the very attempt to organize ourselves in the name of goodness charity, Jesus, or God, often results in the very opposite of what we intended.

 “When we see the bloodshed, terror and destruction born of such generous enthusiasms as the love of God, love of Christ, love of a nation, compassion for the oppressed and so on, we usually blame this shameful perversion on a cynical, power-hungry leadership. Actually, it is the unification set in motion by these enthusiasms, rather than the manipulations of a scheming leadership, that transmutes noble impulses into a reality of hatred and violence. The deindividualization which is a pre-requisite for thorough integration and selfless dedication is also, to a considerable extent, a process of dehumanization. The torture chamber is a corporate institution”.

 Group mind, the ability to become, as Hoffer wrote, “estranged from the self” alienated, subject to higher knowledge we dare not question. When we become “estranged” from our own lives, and the importance of our selves as functioning, intelligent individuals, we “renounce the self and become part of a compact whole” we then not only “renounce personal advantage, but are also rid of personal responsibility…When we lose our individual independence in the corporateness of a mass movement, we find a new freedom–the freedom to hate, bully, lie, torture, murder, and betray without shame and remorse”.(Hoffer, “True Believer”)

  Like the nanobots, and like those who began building the Tower of Babel,  we begin to ignore the very moral responsibilities that belong to us as individuals and behave as a group, with the mind of the group, and since our own lives are forfeit to the group, we can kill those whose lives belong to other groups.

 The problem faced by God, therefore, was not getting us to organize, but actually keeping us from doing so!

 In the Old testament, “sin” was compared to “leaven’. Today, we call it yeast.  There is an interesting thing about leavening, or yeast. Once it enters the loaf, it spreads until it has expanded the entire loaf and becomes part of that loaf. Ancient Israel was to take no part in the “leaven” of other nations. They were given a law, and they were told to obey that law, no matter where they found themselves, or under what conditions.

 But here’s the problem: They couldn’t keep the law! No matter how they tried to define it, they always ended with more hair-splitting, more religious divisions, so that when Jesus walked the earth, the Jews were divided into a tremendous diversity of religious opinion.

 Compare that with Christian attempts to organize in God’s name today. We have over 38,000 estimated versions of Christianity and growing. If there is a God, does it not indicate that the purpose of such laws and study was NOT to organize, but to actually PREVENT such organization?

 The “leaven” of ancient israel corresponds to the process called “entropy” today. leaven expands and bulds a loaf until it finally consumes all available energy and collapses of its won weight. Entropy parallels this process as we seek to organize into larger and larger systems, consuming the surrounding energy, causing chaos and finally collapsing of the weight created by such organization. Look at the “bailout” today, the growth of government into confusion and near destruction. Look around at the confusion and revolutiions occurring because we simply do not have the knowledge necessary to organize according to truth!

 Jesus warned his disciples of those in the “end time” who will come “in my name, and shall deceive many”.  Think about it. Humans are good at organizing, We can organize to do almost anything. Yet try as we might, we can’t seem to organize in any comprehensive system that represents God!

 And if we do, look what happens! The Spanish Inquisitions of the Catholics, the wars of religion even among  protestants, who literally killed neighbors over translations of the bible.

 What did Jesus say in warning against this? Matthew 24:23:

“Then if any man says to you, Lo, here is Christ, or there, believe it not”.

 What did Jesus himself come to do? Look at Matthew 10:34-38.

Try as you might, by any method of reasoning, you cannot arrive at a truth in Christianity that will be agreed upon by all religions! Why? Because it was never intended!

 Paul himself points out in Romans 8:7 that the carnal(natural, fleshy) mind is enmity against God and CANNOT be subject to God’s laws!

 There exists no human decision procedure, no algorithm, no mechanical process by which we can get from “here” to “God”!

 We can’t do it by any process of human reason! This is now demonstrated by Godel’s incompleteness theorem in mathematics!

In any axiomatic formulation of number theory, there exists undecidable propositions! No matter how formal the system, nor how complex, you can’t predictably get “there” from “here” in terms of truth!

 How can one truly serve God and truth? By NOT joining in! By NOT becoming part of a group! By thinking for yourself and living according to individual moral concepts!

 THAT is truth!

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