I’m Tired of the Right Wing Christians!

I think it was Sinclair Lewis who is credited with saying(though it’s in doubt) that if fascism ever comes to America, it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross.

 A cross, a bible, preaching a collectivist movement, gathering new fervent True Believers ready to serve God and kill “His” enemies.

 The time would come, said Jesus, when those who kill you will think they’re doing God a service.

 Islamofascism is matched with Christofascism. The True Believer is everywhere on the march, and by both by converting and condemning, he is shaping the world in his own image.Eric Hoffer wrote something close to that in his classic study, The True Believer.

 The masses care little about truth. I’m not sure the masses are even equipped any more to think as individuals, to question this insanity of  Western collectivism we mistakenly call Christianity.

 But today, in a world of computers and Artificial Intelligence, we can reduce it to a simple question:

 Is it possible to program the mind of God into a computer?

Ridiculous, right? But what about organized religion? Isn’t that nothing more than the same attempt to “program” God into a linear process of reasoning, just like computer programming? if not, why not?

 If an individual joins a religion and begins obeying the doctrines and dogmas taught by that religion, isn’t that person assuming that God is somehow contained within those same linear, programmable systems of rules and laws?

 What is the difference? None! No difference whatever!  But we like to fool ourselves, and pretend that we’re really just “discovering’ the true rules of God and obeying them. Well, if we’re discovering the true rules, then those same rules can be turned into algorithms, and then they can be programmed into a computer, so God can be just as logically contained in that computer as in any church.

 Got a question? Ask the computer. Need spiritual advice? Ask the computer. Any rule that can be defined by a priest, rabbi, or good ol’ country preacher can be written in a language and then programmed into a computer.

 f course we can’t do that. It won’t work, and it won’t work because it would be impossible to code every single rule of God into a computer program. Know what? That’s exactly the same problem we have with religions!

 Forget computers. men have been trying for centuries to refine and define God and Christ down to a basic detail, and we now have an estimated 38,000 versions of Christianity.

 “God’s truth” can’t be programmed into a computer, and it absolutely cannot be programmed into a religion! If it could, we’d only need one religion! And if we only needed one religion, there’s  no reason whatever that such a religion could not be programmed into a computer!

 Can’t do it with religions, can’t do it with computers. The knowledge of God cannot be reduced to any process controlled by humans, yet we still fight over religious views as if we could! We still insist that one religion, “my” religion, is somehow closer to God than another religion, especially if it’s not Christian, right?

 The instant you can define any truth of God, that same truth becomes programmable. If you can say it in a language, it can be translated into an algorithm. If it can be translated into an algorithm, it is programmable in a computer.

 Either humans are going to have to face the simple fact that they absolutely cannot organize in God’s name, or they must admit that God can be programmed fully into a computer, so that there is need for only one true religion.

 If the Right Wing, Conservative Christians are right, and they stand for God, then the very definition of which they are so certain can be explained truthfully and fully contained in a computer. The instant they define it as THE truth, it is no longer spiritual, but purely programmable, mechanical, and subject to complete computer programming!

 Quite simply, the Right Wing Conservative Christians are full of crap! They have no closer connection with God than any other religion, but they’re depending on crowd appeal, public relations, as I quote from John Taylor Gatto in the last post on Psychopathology.

 Collectivist Christianity, just another word for fascism.

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