Christianity Enslaves You!

I haven’t been part of any christian religion for nearly forty years.  Quite simply, christianity can be proven wrong, logically, rationally, and even using the bible itself to demonstrate the fact!

 But christianity works to enslave the masses, and keep them subject to this stupid corporate society we have today.

 I was in the Marines during the Vietnam era, but thank God I didn’t have to go to Vietnam. Just  serving those Vietnam vets in peacetime was bad enough, but if I’d had to go to war myself and returned with a reasonably healthy body,  I’d probably be a hit man for some Mafia group somewhere.

 As it was, I spent my time standing two Company Office Hours, Two Batallion Office Hours, got sentenced to two months in Correctional Custody, and then stood a Court Martial, which I won.

 Not only did I win, but I got an apology from the Marines and a meritorious promotion!

 Basically I told the Marines that I believed in individual human dignity, and if I give my life for my country or anything else, it’s mine to give, by my decision, and not because I’m afraid to disobey some order from a corporate owned system that gives a crap about my life.

 The Marines agreed! I think they agreed because they had just returned from Vietnam, seen good friends die, and were just sick and tired of the whole mess themselves. I think the same thing is happening today, and i think a lot of good men are fed up with yet another endless war that robs men and women of their humanity and then blames them because they become exactly what they’re trained to be.

 From grade school(see my article on what I REALLY Learned In School) to college, all we’re training to do is show the corporate system how well we can take orders and do what we’re told without ever questioning or challenging the system.

 I went to college back in 1980, not long after I left the Marines. While studying viruses one day, I suddenly realized that evolution is most likely informed by viruses!  I went to my professor and I said “Sir, looking at the process by which animals adjust to their environment so quickly and the way they can speciate in order to adapt, it seems to me that there must be something that informs that process so quickly, and I believe that process is viral infection”.

 My professor laughed as if I had just told him a good joke and pointed out that if that were true, there were certainly more capable people than me to have already discovered it.

 Guess what?  Today, there is a field of science known as epigenetics, and it is based on that very concept! Not only do viruses inform our evolution, but we may have actually descended from a giant virus known as a Mimivirus!

 They move around, they cut and paste, and they take DNA from one species to another.  College doesn’t encourage creative intelligence. College beats you down until you’re ready to conform the assumptions of the corporate controllers!

 I failed Biology that year.  I dropped out, got my mind right, went back a few years later, and I never questioned their assumptions, never did anything other than to simply spit information back just like they fed it to me, like a decent computer program, and I remained on the Dean’s List my time there.

 I failed Biology for being creative, and I was honored for providing nothing creative or original at all. Kinda made me ashamed to accept a degree.

 Being a Marine who is sick and tired of all this forced conformity, I have no patience for would-be tyrants in the business world. The assumption by most bosses is ‘If I have to take years of crap off my boss, when I get promoted, that gives me the right to give crap to those under me”.

 Wrong. In the Marines, I was always told “shit rolls down hill, private”.  I responded that “If it reaches me, it just hit the fan”.

 I was in a management training program not long after I left the Marines, and I had this fellow employee who was being chewed one day without mercy. He had done nothing, and was actually a pretty good worker. The manager, for some reason decided he wanted to show his authority, so he embarrassed this guy right there in the office where any customer could come in and see it.

 Worse yet, the employee he was chewing was a former Green Beret, Vietnam Vet, and won the Silver Star, yet he stood there humbly accepting the chewing his boss was giving.

 I watched as a secretary, having to listen to this humiliating tirade, put her pen down on her desk and sit there in red faced embarrassment.

 I waited until the boss got through with his ass chewing, then I quietly told him, “If you had talked to me that way, I’d jerk your ass over the counter and stomp the shit outta you”.

 He physically recoiled in shock. “You would?” he asked in confusion.

 “In a second, punk” I answered.

 Of course I was fired, but the man he chewed got an apology, and the man then told him to take his job, and we both found a better job.

 Talk back to your boss and you get fired. Maybe it’s fair, but what if you work hard but don’t believe in taking crap?

We don’t need labor unions. We need somebody who can really kick ass, and pay him to go in the boss’s office and kick the shit out of him when he humiliates a worker.

 We need something similar in politics, a “designated ass kicker” who can walk in the politician’s office, drag him over the desk, and beat the crap outta him for being stupid.

 This way, violence can be controlled. If the ass kicker is designated, only he(or she in case of women politicians) can walk in grab a head of hair, and jerk that sucker over his or her desk.

 This, of course, could be paid for by a minimal tax assessed for personal ass kicking.

 imagine raising property taxes on people, and they call their designated ass kicker, who then does his job on the politician.

 That might keep things under control.

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