Even the Bible Condemns Christianity!

 All right, you’ve heard it all before, right? Bet you haven’t heard this one!

 Christianity claims to be the default authority of the bible. If you believe in the biblical God, we are told, then you must join some church, believe some form of christian doctrine, or go to hell.


 I was shocked many years ago to see that what the bible says is nothing like what the various christian religions tell us!

 If the bible is true, then it stands to reason that the various 38,000 versions of christianity cannot possibly be all correct.

One reason falls to basic logic: In any set of conjoined propositions, if one proposition is false, the whole set is false. If we have an estimated 38,000 versions of christianity, all of them cannot possibly be true.

 So, which one is true?  Show me the true one, and you can be in the history books, not to mention saving millions of people a lot of wasted effort pursuing lies.

 You can’t do it, and we now know you can’t do it, because of Godel’s theorem, which tells us that in any consistent axiomatic formulation of number theory(or any formal system of sufficient complexity) there will exist an infinity of undecidable propositions!

 What does that mean in terms of religious truth? It means there exists no human system of thought, no matter how formal, that can ever contain all truth in one package! Can’t be done!

 This means, from the most basic logical/ mathematical conclusions, that you CANNOT join the true church! Put Godel’s theorem together with the statement of logic above, and you realize that if, in any set of conjoined propositions, if one proposition is false, the whole set is false, you know that all religions must be false!

 If the bible is true, what does it actually say? The truth itself contradicts everything we are told by various christian religions!

 All the christian religions? Wrong! All the millions who follow those religions? Wrong!

 The entire foundation of the bible, Old and New Testaments, are based on the promise which God made to Abraham. Those who were born of this promise, said God, would become rulers in the Kingdom of God, right here on this earth.

 In Romans 4:13, we see the statement: “For the promise, that he(Abraham) should be the heir of the world…”

 This promise was made to Abraham and to his “seed”. But who, exactly, were his “seed”?

 We see what a mess humans have made of the idea. Not only do we have over 38,000 versions of christianity and growing, but we also have the Muslim faith, also claiming to be heirs of Abraham, along with Jews, who remain separate from both groups.

 And each of these three major branches of religion have their own disagreements within their own religions!

 Why is that? Most likely because of Godel’s theorem, above. There is no way to put all truth in one package, and the more you try to define, to “split hairs” the more divisions you discover within each religion!

 There exists no humanly defined ability, no algorithm or decision procedure, by which we may get from “here” to “God”!

 Can’t be done! Yet we have religions fighting and killing throughout history, trying to do the impossible!

 This leads us inevitably to the conclusion that if the various religions actually do agree to combine and organize, the very best they can do in their ecumenical movement is to organize according to lies!

 Every attempt to organize “in God’s name” can only result in more division, confusion, and uncertainty!

 Therefore, by every bit of physical evidence we see, if there was a God who made a promise to Abraham that his “seed”, those born of the promise made to Abraham by God, then those very people cannot be born of that promise by their freewill choice!

 There would not be one scrap of physical evidence by which they could prove it!

 On top of that, Paul plainly tells us in Romans 8:7 that the carnal(natural, fleshy) mind is enmity against God, and cannot be subject to God’s laws!

 Let’s assume, as professing christians do, that they can somehow “spiritually” set their minds on Christ, so that they actually are subject to God.

 That presents an immediate problem since there are over 38,000 versions of those religion claiming to actually be subject to God!

 Think about that, from the most basic premise of reason. If they are all subject to God, why does it take so many versions?  Why can’t they simply agree? Answer: because it is simply impossible to do so!

 See what jesus said in Matthew 10:34-38:

“Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword”.

 Read the rest for yourself. If the natural mind is enmity against God, and cannot be subject to God, then every attempt to serve Christ will result in exactly what Jesus predicted in Matthew 10:34-38!

 If that’s not enough, the disciples asked Jesus what to look for in the ‘end times”. Jesus’ first warning was “take heed that no man deceive you”.

 How, then, can you avoid deception? There is only one logically correct choice you can make: do not follow any man claiming to represent Christ!

 Again, you see Jesus himself confirming this in the same chapter, Matthew 24:23, “Then if any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is Christ, or there, believe it not“.

 The very thing that humans refuse to accept is the very thing Jesus told them to do!

 So why do we do it? Mirror neurons, most likely. We start out learning by imitation, and continue throughout life justifying ourselves by mirroring our actions in others.

 We want to belong to the “right” group, the “in” group, and we dare not question what millions of others profess to believe.

 Why? certainly not because they’re right, but because there are so many of them.  We can’t stand the idea of being different, so we justify ourselves by becoming just like others, blend in, get lost in the crowd, become merely a mirror image of those we wish to copy.

 So what is the truth?

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