Running For Office? Watch For Govt Fraud!

 Several years ago, I was asked to run for state office. I’m not a great believer in government, since I’m Libertarian, but I agreed, just to have a “Lib” name on the ballot.

 In filing to run, I was given a number of forms to fill out, including statements about income, investments, and private statements that were completely protected by Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights!

 As the alarm bell began ringing in my head, I was further informed that if I did not comply and report all sources of income, all campaign spending, I could be fined or imprisoned!

 Think about this from the viewpoint of the Constitution and the Fourth Amendment:

 “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches ans seizures, shall not be violated….”

 Yet here was the government telling me that I must give them a full report of my income, my investments, and all money spent on my campaign, or I would go to jail!

 I wondered how the government could blatantly violate the Fourth Amendment, and then threaten me with imprisonment, in direct violation of the Fifth Amendment?

 As I looked through the various forms, I saw the culprit that empowered the state to violate rights guaranteed to me by  my own constitution! The form was called “Committee To Elect…”

 In signing the form, I changed my identity from “citizen” to “committee”, and, as a committee, I was fully subject to the rules and regulations of the state! The form was not an open contract, saying, “I, Doojie23, agree to abide by the agreement herein declared as a “committee to elect form”.  No, it was not made out as a direct agreement between me, the candidate for office, and the government. I was merely an agent representing the committee, and my signature was on the back of the form as an agent of the committee!

 Once I signed that form, I was no longer a “citizen” with the guarantee of Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights. I was a “committee” subject to any rule the state wished to impose, and I could be imprisoned for the least violation!

 The form, which took the form of contract, was clearly fraudulent. It held no authority, because there is no government authority given that can violate my rights as a citizen of the United States. BUT, if I became simply an agent of a “Committee To Elect Doojie23”, then I, as merely an agent, would be fully responsible, and punishable, notified in advance of my liability!

 Can any state enter into any contract that violates your rights? No. Yet here was the state, declaring upon my decision to run for office, that I would be forced to give evidence against myself, in direct violation of the Fifth Amendment, without due process, for which I could be imprisoned!

 Here, by the way, is that part of the Fifth Amendment guarantee, repeated also in the Fourteenth Amendment against the states under “due process”:

 “nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor to be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law”.

 The Fourth Amendment says I cannot be compelled to give any private papers or effects, and the Fifth Amendment says I cannot be compelled in any criminal case, where I am the defendant, to offer evidence against myself.

 Simply by threatening me with imprisonment for such offense, the state itself is in direct violation of my rights as a citizen and person of the United States.

 Do you realize the implications of this? Every candidate who signed such a form, who ran for office and gave personal records due to threat of his/her government, has run for office under a fraudulent agreement with the government, which makes that government itself fraudulent!

 All the laws they passed? Fraud. All the taxes they raised? Fraud.

 Every state that practices this has perpetrated fraud on its own citizens!

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